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Partial list of books written by MELVIN M. BELLI, SR.:

  • Captain Fred Reckenbiel 1949
  • The Voice of Modern Trials 1950
  • The More Adequate Award and the Flying Saucers 1952
  • The More Adequate Award: A Collection of the More Adequate Awards to February 1952
  • The Use of Demonstrative Evidence in Achieving "The Adequate Award" 1952
  • Modem Trials (Five Volumes) 1954
  • Trial and Tort Trends (Four Volumes: 1st Printing) 1954
  • The Modern Trial Lawyer 1956
  • Blood Money: Ready For The Plaintiff 1956
  • Ready For The Plaintiff A Story of Personal Injury Law 1956
  • Modern Trial Law 1957
  • Modern Damages 1959
  • Belli Looks at Life and Law in Japan 1960
  • Trial and Tort Trends, Vol. I 1960
  • Trial and Tort Trends, Vol. II 1960
  • Trial and Tort Trends Vol. III 1960
  • Trial and Tort Trends, Vol. IV 1960
  • Modern Trials Supplement 1961
  • Tort and Medical Yearbook, Vol. I 1961
  • Tort and Medical Yearbook, Vol. II 1961
  • Criminal and Medical Yearbook 1963
  • Belli Looks at Life and Law in Russia 1963
  • Dallas Justice: The Real Story of Jack Ruby and His Trial 1964
  • Jack Ruby: Appellant vs. State of Texas 1965
  • Justice in Dallas 1965
  • Ready for the Plaintiff 1965
  • The Belli Building: San Francisco 1966
  • Trial Tactics 1967
  • The Law Revolt: A Summary of Trends in Modem Criminal and Civil Law 1968
  • The Law Revolution Civil 1968
  • The Law Revolution Criminal 1970
  • Angela: A Revealing Closeup of the Woman and the Trial 1971
  • My Life On Trial 1976
  • The Urologist and The Law 1979
  • The Successful Opening Statement 1981
  • Product Liability Breach on Liability, The Blue Chip of Damages 1981
  • Potpourri on Current Trial Law 1983
  • The Belli Files: Reflections On The Wayward Law 1983
  • Everybody's Guide To The Law (Published by Harcourt/Brace/Jovanovich) 1986
  • Belli-Krantzler Book of Divorce (Published by St. Martins) 1986
  • Melvin Belli: For Your Malpractice Defense 1986
  • Modern Trials, Vol. I Revised
  • Modern Trials, Vol. II Revised
  • Modern Trials, Vol. III Revised
  • Modern Trials, Vol. IV Revised
  • Modem Trials, Vol. V Revised
  • Classics of International Law, Vol. I
  • Classics of International Law, Vol. II

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