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Navigating through a divorce or custody battle can be a challenging and stressful experience, especially when you’re facing high costs. However, you can feel confident and at ease knowing that the best divorce lawyers with extensive experience are here to assist you. Our team of skilled attorneys has a deep understanding of domestic relations laws and the inner workings of the Courts. Our unwavering philosophy is to resolve your case in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We are not afraid to take an assertive approach when necessary, and we are always prepared to tackle any challenge that comes our way. You can trust us to be your fierce advocates and help you achieve a favorable outcome.

We fight for your rights and those of your children.

Read our reviews, and you will see how our clients have expressed their appreciation for the help we have provided.

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Divorce lawyers in Maryland

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in family law and are highly regarded as top professionals in the areas of divorce and family law. Our firm has been recognized by US News and World Report as one of the best law firms and lawyers in Maryland. We are proud to have earned our place at the top of our profession, and we are committed to working hard for our clients.

Additionally, our principal has played a critical role in developing the child support guidelines software that is widely used by Courts, agencies, and lawyers throughout Maryland.

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Highly recommend

Never thought I would be in this situation after years of peaceful coexistence. Stuart was the light at the end of a long sewer. Results were much better than I expected. Much better than he or other lawyer expected as well.

Posted by Anonymous
June 20, 2024

Working with Stuart Grozbean and his team

Working with Stu Grozbean and his team, Jaime, Joe, and Charlotte was such a positive experience while going through a painful time in my life a divorce.
The team was with me during the entire process. Stu and his team answered all my calls and questions immediately making me feel like I was their only client. The entire team is intelligent, strategic, compassionate yet aggressive. Stu was on vacation during my last hearing and to my surprise both Stu and Jaime were there. My anxiety always eased when I saw the two of them. I can’t say enough or thank them enough for everything they have done for me. I am forever grateful to this team because of Stu’s forty-plus years’ experience, expertise, intelligence, strategic mind, and respect in the law community I can live happily ever after divorce. This team made my ending a beautiful beginning.

Posted by Linda B
February 05, 2024

I had the pleasure of working with Stuart Grozbean

I had the pleasure of working with Stuart Grozbean. Stu was a true gem. He would make himself available at all hours, he was completely supportive of my position, understood the stressors, exhibited wonderful listening and analytical skills, and made me feel heard and understood. It was not uncommon to hear from him early in the morning or late in the evening with updates on what was happening. I always felt included and consulted at every step along the process.

Just as importantly, he possesses a brilliant legal mind, and a professional network of colleagues and experts that he brought to bear on my case. It became clear very quickly how well respected he is within the legal circles, how effective he is as a negotiator, and how easily he maneuvers in very complex cases. His lack of egocentricity is also a very noticeable and welcomed trait! I highly recommend Stu for any issues where his areas of legal expertise would be needed. I will never be able to thank him enough!

Posted by Michael Torres
January 27, 2024

I know he is based in MD

I needed an aggressive lawyer for some ex-wife drama…and holy crap did Stuart Grozbean deliver!

I know he is based in MD, so I’m not sure if he practices in VA or not.

But they could probably give you a good referral for someone in VA.

Posted by Anonymous
December 18, 2023

Stu and his team were amazing to work

Stu and his team were amazing to work with! They made the whole process easy and stress-free. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Posted by Shelby Confer
November 25, 2023

Stuart (Stu) Grozbean and his legal team

Stuart (Stu) Grozbean and his legal team were there for me, from start to finish. I felt like Stu was my new best friend. Even before I secured him as my lawyer, he had already reviewed my case, and saw a path forward for me. I know I could count on Stu to be there for me no matter what day of the week or time it was. Stu and his team were quick and professional in preparing legal documentation and defending me. It was a blessing to have found such great representation. I’m truly thankful. I know Stu and his team will be there for me, should I need their services in the future.

Posted by Ryan Jenkins
November 24, 2023

Stu’s unwavering support, profound professionalism

Stu’s unwavering support, profound professionalism, and extensive legal expertise were instrumental in successfully closing my case. His impeccable reputation and broad professional network proved to be invaluable assets.

What truly sets Stu apart is his client-centric approach and genuine understanding of the urgency and significance of his client’s legal matters. Stu’s unmatched availability and responsiveness, no matter the hour or day, demonstrated commendable dedication. Whether it was 3 a.m. on Tuesday, 11 p.m. on Friday, or 7 a.m. on Sunday, he was always there to review the case. Every call was promptly answered, and updates and guidance were provided efficiently. His meticulous attention to detail ensured my case received the care it deserved.

I wholeheartedly recommend Stu to anyone seeking a dedicated, highly skilled attorney. His exceptional services left a profoundly positive mark on my experience. Working with Stu has been an absolute pleasure, and he is truly in a league of his own.

Posted by TD
September 25, 2023

They truly deserve this 5-star rating

I am delighted to leave a 5-star review for Mr. Stuart Grozbean. Their exceptional services throughout my divorce proceedings have left me thoroughly impressed and grateful.

Stu is an absolute professional, displaying extensive knowledge and expertise in family law. Their guidance and attention to detail ensured that my case was handled with utmost care and resolved in a timely manner.

He demonstrated exceptional communication skills, promptly addressing my concerns even after office hours or during the weekends.

I highly recommend Stu to anyone seeking a dedicated lawyer. Their professionalism, compassion, and efficient approach have made a significant positive impact on my experience. They truly deserve this 5-star rating.

Posted by gghs15
July 01, 2023

Stu Grozbean helped me

Stu Grozbean helped me resolve a complicated issue with Maryland’s government agency that collects child support and alimony. His personal and professional reputation with key leaders in the agency and family law courts made all of the difference in resolving my case. Most important to me is that Stu was available to me whenever we needed to speak, whether that be 8 pm on a Friday night or 7 am on a Saturday morning. Stu is a HIGHLY responsive professional, answering calls, immediately returning calls, and reaching out with updates. With Stu, I knew I was in the hands of someone who puts his clients first and treats my issues with the sense of importance and urgency that I treat them. A consummate professional.

Posted by Robert McNish
June 12, 2023

First and foremost thank you

First and foremost thank you

First and foremost thank you Charlotte for taking my call with care and grace. Mr. Grozbean thank you for your patience, candor, and sharing your many years of experience.

Posted by J Arthur
May 31, 2023

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