Health Insurance During Divorce

September 30, 2018 - By: Stuart H. Grozbean

The Court Can Order Health Insurance

A Judge or Master in Maryland can and usually do order one spouse to maintain health insurance for the family Pendente Lite, ( the term for temporary action pending the final resolution by the parties or a further order of Court), and if canceled to reinstate the health insurance coverage.

Once the Maryland Court grants a divorce you are no longer covered by a spouse for health insurance. However, a former spouse may be eligible for coverage up to 18 months under the former spouses policy (referred to as “COBRA” coverage). If you are the former spouse you need to check to see whether the cost of the “COBRA” policy is more or less than another similar policy with other carriers. Please see Http:// for more information.

The coverage for your child(ren) can continue until emancipation and the Court can order one or both of the parties to pay for the health insurance policy to cover their child(ren).