client Testimonials

Responsive And Caring

Stuart has been the most responsive, caring, and professional lawyer I’ve worked with to date! I’ve had many experiences with lawyers, and most if not all had been unpleasant. The most important qualities that you want in your lawyer is responsiveness and caring for your unique case as opposed to concerns with their billing. Stuart responded promptly to inquiries, or at least would let me know when he would if not immediate. He advised me and guided me with clear explanation through the process of writing a complex (international) post nuptial agreement. He cared about the outcome. Thank you Stu!

Posted by Bob
September 22, 2020

Stu Is A Tireless Champion.

When seeking an attorney to help with my divorce last year, I pulled up several hundred local listings in Rockville, Md. I called three firms, and the only call back I received that day was from Stu. In fact, Stu called back within 10 minutes of me having left a message. When we spoke I said that I was impressed at the speed of his response, and he said to me: “When I get a call from a person, I assume he or she is feeling quite anxious, so I do my best to reply quickly.” Over the ensuing months Stu was a tireless champion of my cause, demonstrating astute insight with respect to all aspects — legal, psychological, emotional — of my case. On several occasions I received emails from Stu that he had sent at 2 or 3 am, with an idea or a tactic to bounce off of me, or with simply a message of support. If you are looking for a smart, warm human being who is generous with his time and will secure for you the best possible outcome, I recommend Stu without reservation.

Posted by Frank Haydn
July 03, 2019

Knowledge Of Law & Knowledge Of People.

Stu is responsive, confident and respected in the industry. He quickly analyzed my custody case and through his talented and unmatched negotiating skills, cleverly crafted a solution to reach a desired outcome for me. I wish I had known about him during my divorce. Stu not only knows the law, but he knows people and how to read them; which was key to my case. He and his entire team are extremely ethical and conscious of the dollars being spent. On top of all that you get his great sense of humor too, which is a breath of fresh air during such difficult times. I highly recommend him! Thank you, Stu!

Posted by Jane
June 07, 2019

Absolutely The Best.

Mr Grozbean is exceptionally knowledgeable and talented in all the legal aspects of my child support case. Mr Grozbean together with his staff discussed with me the best course of action and the possible outcomes. He was calm and empathetic yet very quick and aggressive and asked the right questions throughout my trial hearing. He is very professional, was always available and I never felt rushed. I will definitely recommend him.

Posted by Christine
March 14, 2019


Stuart represented me in a recent divorce case and did an AMAZING job. He is knowledgeable, well prepared, and his staff was always courteous and available to answer any questions I had. Stu replied to my emails and phone calls amazingly fast, all the time. Stu also has a great sense of humor, and truly loves his work.

Hopefully I won’t get divorced again, but if I do, I’ll call Stu!

I genuinely felt that Stu always had my best interest in mind, and that I had the superior lawyer every step of the way, which is a wonderful feeling.

Posted by Jason Weisenthal
January 29, 2019

Helpful Beyond Worlds

Over the past several months, i have consulted with Stu(both phone and in-office) at least a handful of times, and he has graciously taken my call every time. Stu knows the law, he understands people, and his confidence is completely reassuring. He alwayes returned my call within no more than a few hours and provided thorough information related to my case each time. Great person, great lawyer, and great experience!

Posted by anonymous
August 31, 2018

Simply The Best

Stuart represented me in a recent case and did an outstanding job. He is knowledgeable, well prepared, and his staff was always courteous and available to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend Stuart Grozbean to anyone in need of legal representation. He’s simply the best!

Posted by Claudia
July 22, 2018

Attorney Recommends Stuart Grozbean

I was involved in litigation with a neighbor which had become quite acrimonious. Being a lawyer myself, I handled the initial pleadings, however, as the case dragged on, it became apparent that it would be more appropriate for me to obtain counsel. Of course, having practiced law for 37+ years, I had come in contact with top attorneys throughout Maryland. However, after comparing my options, there was only one choice: Stuart Grozbean. Stuart knew the judge, and, more importantly, the judge knew and respected Stuart. One of the judge’s first comments at the hearing was to express how pleased she was that Mr. Grozbean had entered his appearance. Using his creativity and his mastery of the relevant law, Stuart was able to break the impasse which had developed, and ultimately obtained an outcome that I am 100% pleased with. I highly recommend Stuart Grozbean to anyone in need of a first-rate attorney. Stuart Grozbean is the attorney other attorneys turn to in their time of need.

Posted by Stephen
June 14, 2018

Best Attorney Ever And A Life Saver

Stu and his co workers are superheroes. Stu is a very professional attorney only one of a kind, knowledgeable, unique, fiersful, with a great sense of humor. I hired him several times and he is a real treasure. Thank you, Mr. Grozbean!

Posted by Tatyana
May 29, 2018

Hands Down Best Attorney I’ve Ever Had Represent Me

I can’t say enough good things about Stuart Grozbean and his staff. He is a gentleman and master of his craft. He helped me thru a case involving my ex-wife and resulted in a judgement in my behalf. He is tactful and will absolutely not give you any smoke and mirrors – he assess the situation from every possible angle. When mediation failed in my case, Stuart fought tooth and nail and was absolutely amazing in my case. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case and would recommend Stuart to anyone without question. If you want the best, hire Stuart Grozbean.
I also want to mention and compliment his staff whom I interacted with during my case – Jamie Maier and Charlotte Shiffrin. Charlotte is one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever met and Jamie was absolutely terrific in communicating with me and assisting Stuart in my case.

Posted by Daniel
January 13, 2018