A Father’s Best Friend

March 10, 2011 - By: manish1155

If you are a parent looking to gain custody of your children, Stuart Grozbean is your man! Thanks to Stuart I now have primary residential custody of my two young daughters. My custody battle began when my wife left, in the middle of the night, with our children. She moved them more than 1,000 miles, across state lines, away from their father. When my wife arrived at her new “home” she filed a bogus protective order against me, for her and our children. My custody hearing and time leading up to the hearing was extremely difficult for me, but Mr. Grozbean assured me constantly, that he was doing everything that he could to have our daughters returned to Maryland.
Stuart did not give up, even when I was at an all time low, and thought that I may never have physical custody of my children again. Mr. Grozbean quickly formulated a plan of attack and never wavered. He put me in touch with multiple experts that could be used in court to discredit my wife’s false allegations. Never once did Stuart blink, keeping my wife and her attorney on their toes at all times.
Six months later, when my custody trial began, Stuart Grozbean became Super Attorney. He was able to discredit my wife’s bogus testimony and witnesses, proving to the court that my wife had alienated our children from me, for her own selfish reasons.
In the end, Stuart was able to settle out of court, during the custody trial. Stuart Grozbean was able to get me, a father of two young girls, primary custody of our daughters! Mr. Grozbean is sharp, tactful and definitely knows his way around the court system. I could not have asked for a better outcome, or attorney!