September 27, 2017 - By: manish1155

To all who are going through a divorce:

I do not think you can get any better than Mr. Stuart H. Grozbean. I learned so much from him. I came to Stu with what seemed to be a simple open and close divorce case. However, the other party decided to get dirty along the process. Yet under the direction and advice from Stu, I prevailed. Stu always had predictions of what events would occur next and all predictions actually came to fruition. At that point, I wasn’t sure if I hired a great attorney or a palm reader.

In light of those events, a sense of coolness and wisdom eradiated from Stu the moment I saw him in action. I knew then that this is one of the best attorney’s in the area and I was so grateful that I made a decision to choose him.

He is very strong, ethical, organized, responsive, calm, and direct. He was always available whenever I had a question. I would recommend him to anyone who has either a simple or complicated case. I am aware that so many attorneys promote “aggressive attorney” on their websites to be competitive. I was looking for someone better. Someone that is a great “all-in-one” negotiator/litigator and knows court room politics.

I loved Stu’s confidence. He knew that no attorney would dare mess with him and it is truth because of his extensive knowledge of law already memorized in his head. It is only the young and inexperienced attorneys who think they can one over Mr. Grozbean but never prevail. (At least in my case)

Thanks for bringing my life back.