Attorney Recommends Stuart Grozbean

June 14, 2018 - By: manish1155

I was involved in litigation with a neighbor which had become quite acrimonious. Being a lawyer myself, I handled the initial pleadings, however, as the case dragged on, it became apparent that it would be more appropriate for me to obtain counsel. Of course, having practiced law for 37+ years, I had come in contact with top attorneys throughout Maryland. However, after comparing my options, there was only one choice: Stuart Grozbean. Stuart knew the judge, and, more importantly, the judge knew and respected Stuart. One of the judge’s first comments at the hearing was to express how pleased she was that Mr. Grozbean had entered his appearance. Using his creativity and his mastery of the relevant law, Stuart was able to break the impasse which had developed, and ultimately obtained an outcome that I am 100% pleased with. I highly recommend Stuart Grozbean to anyone in need of a first-rate attorney. Stuart Grozbean is the attorney other attorneys turn to in their time of need.