Extremely Generous With His Time In The Free Consultation

August 30, 2015 - By: manish1155

I never retained Mr. Grozbean, but I am thinking that I should have and may switch ponies for part of my case if he is willing. He spoke to me initially at no charge and in no time flat he had the case understood and a clear strategy that I liked. Ultimately, I did not hire him because I was being a softy and didn’t want to pull out the big guns on my wife whom I was still somewhat hoping to reconcile with. All the while, she has had both daggers out on me. Lesson learned on that one. I talked to him a second time for free over the phone and was not even looking for as much time and advise as he gave me, but he kept talking. In that case, he actually suggested that I not use him because it would look bad me introducing him in a jurisdiction that was sort of a good-ole-boy/girl network that might not appreciate me bringing in this high powered guy to argue the case. I still would like his help in the custody part of my case which has been long, painful, dropped, and picked up again. He is an older man now, but don’t let that fool you at all. He has an amazing mind. I was truly amazed how he took a document that I sent, digested in a half hour before we met and totally had a strategy laid out from the moment I met him. For me, I have a hard time going with the ad hoc kind of approach. I like seeing the strategy more than some. He certainly seemed to have one.