First Class

September 11, 2016 - By: manish1155

Stu Grozbean is not only a superb attorney but a first-class gentlemen. Stu came to my rescue when I realized my first lawyer was in over her head. My ex-spouse spent seven years in case development with what I consider a sub-par firm. Stu came in and took control. Stu brought in high-caliber professionals that were no match for what opposing counsel could produce. Stu possesses an unsurpassed knowledge of famil law, is held in high esteem by judges and masters and will calculate opposig counsel’s stragety before they make their move. He is very generous with his time and available 24/7. He understands the emotional and psychological mess of divorce and was supportive throughout the entire process. He has a sharp sense of humor, “does not blink” and will not be intimidated. He gave me great strength over three years of unwinding my marriage. I am extremely grateful to everyone on his excellent team. With Stu I have peace of mind, security and a suberb outcome. You’ll go first class when you select Stu!