Maryland’s Best Bar None

June 15, 2016 - By: manish1155

Mr Grozbean and his superb team, including his associate Christopher Castellano, provided absolute superior representation for my divorce case. Their expertise, experience, skill, knowledge, professionalism, integrity and honesty are simply unsurpassed. They assessed my situation expeditiously and were forthright in offering their best course of action how to proceed and anticipated risks and outcomes. They explained the various options and explained clearly why they recommended a specific strategy. They were responsive to all my inquiries in a timely fashion and patiently accomodated and answered all of my “play amateur lawyer” questions. They prepared me from the beginning factually, legally, emotionally and financially and they created no false hope or unrealistic expectations. They were thorough and accurate with every matter no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. They checked and double checked every detail, word, and document. After witnessing first hand how Mr Grozbean handled himself in action when he took on the opposition “one-on-one”, it is clear that he is not only comfortable in that element but in fact enjoys the upper hand that his superior expertise provides. In addition, his partners have extensive access to incredible resources and expertise from their commercial and even criminal law colleagues. My case was particularly complex because I am a physician and was facing a daunting fight over alimony, assets, and associated accusations. Mr Grozbean and his associate, Mr Castellano, were unperturbed, gathered the facts, formulated the best strategy, and proceeded to expertly and confidently execute the plan just as if it were a walk in the park (which I know it wasn’t). Although legal expenses for contested divorce cases can be expensive (as in any contested legal case), Mr Grozbean and his associates are most accomodating in trying to minimize unnecessary costs, especially if you are willing to do some of the time consuming leg work involved with obtaining and organizing the background information and numerous documents and records required in order to properly prepare your case. It is clear that Mr Grozbean has made knowledge of the law and best representation of his clients his life’s passion and the best interests of his client is always his only priority. I strongly recommend that anyone facing a divorce lawsuit give serious consideration to securing legal representation from Mr Grozbean and his associate Mr Castellano.