Mr. Grozbean Is An Amazing Attorney, Possesses A Firm Command Of Family Law, And Treats His Clients With Compassion And Respect.

February 02, 2014 - By: manish1155

Mr. Grozbean is an amazingly astute attorney with a rare ability to integrate compassion, empathy, and a keen understanding of human nature with his excellent knowledge of family law. I retained him as my divorce attorney. He and his colleague, Jamie Maier, Esq, were respectful of my needs and goals while strategizing. Their top priority was my well-being and protection. They are absolutely client-focused. Mr. Grozbean accurately assessed areas of risk for my case, and addressed such issues while respecting my needs. He, his colleague Jamie, and his assistant, Charlotte, were kind, thoughtful, and respectful during the most difficult period of my life. They continue to be of great support to me, and I could not fathom choosing another attorney to oversee my protection and life-changing legal decisions. Mr. Grozbean and his staff have truly been a blessing amidst unimaginable stress.