August 09, 2011 - By: manish1155

If you ever need to go to Divorce court, you will need and wish you had ONE OF THE BEST DIVORCE LAWYERS IN THE WORLD representing you. You will also need a lawyer who is highly respected by his peers, the court system (Judges, mediators, opposing lawyers, etc.) . What that means, is when Mr. Grozbean talks in your behalf Judges, Mediators, and even the opposing Lawyers listen. Why – because Mr. Grozbean peers in the court system (Judges, Mediators, opposing Counsel) know that Mr. Grozbean KNOWS THE LAW inside and out. EXAMPLE: Mr. Grozbean developed the Child Support guidelines for the state of Maryland that the courts (his peers) use. Mr. Grozbean has been doing divorce law MANY YEARS (VERY EXPERIENCED). This is the type of Divorce lawyer one walks into divorce court by his side. When you walk in the Divorce court system with Mr. Grozbean, that is not a fashion statement; It is a proclamation that this is my life and is serious business that needs to be handled professionally by one of the best lawyers not in the state of Maryland, but in the World. Let’s flash back to my divorce drama in 2010-2011. It was the great financial divorce drama of2010- 2011; a financial nightmare of a divorce. I had 14 objectives that was important to me (Mr. Grozbean helped me define these in our meetings) Mr .Grozbean used his PROFESSIONAL LEGAL, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and INFLUENCE to work on my behalf to ACCOMPLISH 14 OF 14 OBJECTIVES that we defined as being important in my divorce(some of these objectives seemed impossible at the start). Hopefully your outcome will be as good as mine (14 objectives; 14 objectives achieved), then you to will be saying, ‘MR. GROZBEAN IS IN THE TOP 5% OF DIVORCE LAWYERS, NOT IN MARYLAND, BUT IN THE WORLD’. When at the start, of the day my divorce proceedings looked like a tangled financial drama of a nightmare. At the end of the day Mr. Grozbean did the following for me: saved me A LOT OF MONEY!!! ACHIEVED 14 of 14 OBJECTIVES and all my DIVORCE BUSINESS WAS 100% FINALIZED (no lose ends to haunt me years later). Mr. Grozbean is not SUPERMAN, BUT HE SURE IS A SUPER LAWER!!! And !!!