My Lawyer For Life

December 02, 2011 - By: manish1155

I have had the pleasure of knowing Stuart Grozbean since 2001 when he accepted to represent me in a very difficult and contentuois divorce. I work with a lot of attorneys in my job and I asked them if they were going through a nasty divorce who would you get as an attorney and five out of eight said Stuart Grozbean. My ex attempted to take me to the bank even though she left me for another man. Stuart was able to secure my full retirement, my residence, my summer home and 50% custody of my child. Stuart told me up front I would be hit with a substantial child support payment because of my income but he would fight to the death to preserve all I have worked for,and he did fight like a spartan gladiator in court. Recently (2011) I was served with modification orders by my Ex trying to get an incease in child support and to pay child support until my now 18 year old child reaches 19 years of age. Stuart agin accepted to represent me in this matter. Although Stuart”s fees are not cheep, he is the most expeirenced, knowlegable and outright bulldog in the court room that I have ever seen( better than Jonny Cochrin). He is relentless in his representation skills to ensure you get your moneys worth. Stuart you are my Lawyer for Life. Thanks for all you have done for me and being my legal advisor through all I have been through.