Of All The Lawyers I Have Hired… Stuart Grozbean Is The Best!

February 15, 2010 - By: manish1155

I believe Stuart Grozbean is the finest lawyer to have on your side! He has handled my divorce, some civil litigation, and an ugly child custody battle. If it is outside his expertise, he will tell you. He only bills for hours he really works. He does not run up costs needlessly. He actually scares opposing attornies in to stopping nonsense and false allegations. He wrote the child support guidelines for the state of Maryland. He gives great advice that you are a fool not to follow! Downsides: He is busy and he cannot predict or guarantee a particular outcome. But, he will make the time if you are a no nonsense person in need of a great attorney and pay his fees on schedule. I view this lawyer as a great investment… money well spent that helped me gain a great life when others were trying to ruin it.