Stu Grozbean Divorce Review

August 20, 2010 - By: manish1155

The old cliche is when you think of lawyers who work in divorce law you think of people who are focused on running up legal bills. This is ABSOLUTELY not the case with Stu. He is very experienced with the law and system, thoughtful, smart, practical and truly wants and will advise his clients on what is best for them. He does this by really listening to what the client is saying and structuring the case to best suit that client. In my case, he really listened to my concerns, my goals and helped me come up with the right plan and my divorce was smooth and quick. He told me when he thought I was going down a path that would not work in my favor and helped me restructure my thinking. In the end i was very happy with the outcome. His responsiveness was amazing as was his availability for me.