Summation For A Great Barrister

February 17, 2013 - By: manish1155

Stuart H. Grozbean loves the law. He is the embodiment of an advocate for fairness and justice. My decision to seek a divorce was not a cavalier one. I recognized that there could be no “winners” in these matters. The duration of the initial call to Mr. Grozbean exceeded the advertised “free consultation” time frame. During the conversation, he repeatedly emphasized the importance of mediation versus adjudication or arbitration. He also recommended a mediator. I called again, seeking additional advice, which he provided without charge. Failing all attempts to persuade my spouse to attend a mediation session, I retained Mr. Grozbean. With few assets at stake and a recalcitrant spouse, Mr. Grozbean consistently provided excellent advice and counsel, and timely responses to requests for interrogatories and production of documents. His relationship with other members of the bar proved invaluable. If one finds the need for representation in a divorce action, he/she would be hard-pressed to find anyone better than Stuart H. Grozbean! I highly recommend his services without qualification.