Thank You Stu Grozbean

August 07, 2016 - By: manish1155

I am so thankful to Stu Grozbean. Stu was the ONLY attorney that was easily accessible and responded to me immediately. He humanized a legal world – a world I was loosing faith in the divorce legal community. Stu consulted with me during a time of crisis in my legal divorce case. He slowly and thoughtfully helped me sort out an action plan for moving forward. He helped me understand my choices moving forward in a simple, matter of fact manner — and with compassion.
During one of the darkest weekends of my life, Stu helped me climb out of what I thought was an impossible situation. That may sound dramatic, but it was dramatic and very traumatic moment in my life, and this man stepped up and just helped because is a Good person and because he knows his material. His understanding of the law, how to work with it, and how to handle relationships in the legal community gave me hope and, most importantly, gave me actual choices to pursue during a time when I thought my choices were gone.
My advice. Just start with Stu Grozbean if you need an accessible, strategic, savvy, kind human being to help you get through the complexity and pain of a divorce.