The Best Divorce/Separation/Child Custody Attorney In The Washington, Baltimore, And DC Area!

March 01, 2010 - By: manish1155

Mr. Stu Grozbean is the best Divorce/Separation/Child Custody attorney in the Washington, Baltimore, and DC area in town! He represented me in a nasty divorce/separation/child custody case. I fired my first attorney because she was not on top of her game and was not doing her job. I called Mr. Grozbean and spoke with him directly for about an hour (no fee charged) and we discussed the highlights of my case. Based on that first conversation with Mr. Grozbean I knew I was going to hire him. I had already interviewed about 10 attorneys. I was not going to make the same mistake selecting an inexperience attorney like I did the first time.

Mr. Grozbean is “WELL” experience, very knowledgeable, and is current on the laws and rulings of cases dealing with divorce/separation/child custody! What impressed me the most with Mr. Grozbean as my attorney is the fact he was very responsive to all forms of communication (you will hear back from him within 24 hours of leaving a message for him) and you talked with him directly. You don’t get a phone call from a legal assistance; you talk directly with Mr. Grozbean. He knew every aspect, detail, and status of my case every time I talked with him. Also I felt I can “TRUST” him 100%. It was not about him making money; it was always about us winning my case!

In summary, Mr. Grozbean is a very caring and passionate attorney! When he step into the court room, he has studied your case, researched the facts/laws, discussed his finding and approach with you (so you are not surprised in the court room), give you his honest opinion/recommendations, identified several strategies to represent you (based of his research of the opponent attorney), and most importantly, he is not afraid to fight a battle with the opponent attorney. Because Mr. Grozbean is an “EXCELLENT” Divorce/Separation/Child Custody attorney, I was able to keep 100% of my military retirement and I won every request/demand I requested in my divorce and child custody settlement from my ex-husband. Also, Mr. Grozbean continues to be only a “phone call” away for any advice I need even though it has been six years since I first met him and he represented me during two cases. He is by far, the best Divorce/Separation/Child Custody attorney in town!