The Big Guns

May 08, 2014 - By: manish1155

The divorce process is probably one of the most confusing, and extremely stressful experiences a person will probably go through. It becomes especially stressful and nerve racking when children are involved!! Some divorces can proceed with minimal issues when both parties are willing to cooperate in the best interest of everyone involved. However, more than not the vast majority of divorces has one party that is unwilling to cooperate…even be crazy by anyone’s standards. When you go into this type of divorce, you want to have the very best attorney on your side! The best for me, and I strongly recommend for you too, was Stuart Grozbean of Beli, Weils and Grozbean in Rockville, Maryland!

It was extremely devastating when my ex (along with the help of her attorney) attempted to gain full custody of my children by continuously misrepresenting facts in a negative manner. Stu was able to successfully maneuver me through the process and ensuring that the best interest of my children, and those of mine were preserved. Stu kept me informed throughout, and when I had questions, Stu would take a step back and ensure that I not only understood the particular topic but that I was also comfortable with the decision. He always took my calls personally, even when I needed to speak to him at midnight or when he was on vacation during the holidays. Once the custody case and later the financial case were completed, Stu took the time to call me personally to see how I was doing and to answer any questions that I might have had.

Stu is a no nonsense attorney with nearly 40 years of experience handling cases like mine and it clearly showed throughout! He will tell you that he does not wear the “black robe”, but he might as well given the upmost respect he receives from the judges and opposing attorneys. In other words, when you retain Stu you are making a statement that you’re not playing around and you mean business!

You will also work with other members of his team, namely Jamie Maier, Esq, and Charlotte Shifrin. Like Stu, they are genuine about helping you gain what you want out of the process. I highly recommend Stuart Grozbean and his team at Beli, Weils and Grozbean if the time comes that you need his expertise.