Divorce By Mutual Consent

May 13, 2019 - By: Stuart H. Grozbean

Divorce By Mutual Consent

Divorce is a very stressful, time-consuming, and very expensive process. Between getting divorce lawyers in Maryland, submitting voluminous paperwork including pleadings and discovery, searching for another house while separating, and spending a lot of time in court, divorce causes a lot of distress.

The Maryland legislature has passed a quick and easy way to part ways, called a Mutual Consent Divorce.

If you want a divorce and you and your partner are in agreement, and there are no real disputes, particularly if you and your spouse still live together, you can divorce a lawyer and file for a divorce without the need to separate for one year.

Before now, for a Maryland court to permit an uncontested divorce, the couple’s parties must live separately and apart for one year before filing divorce papers.

Under “Mutual Consent” divorce is quick and simple.

Originally it applied to parties without children, however, the legislature amended the statute so you now can get a Maryland Mutual Consent divorce quickly.

Conditions for getting a divorce by Mutual Consent

To qualify for an uncontested divorce, you must meet the following four conditions:

Divorcing couples must have a written and signed marital settlement agreement that covers property rights and alimony. The agreement must be submitted to the court. Divorcing couples must not ask the Court to put aside the signed settlement agreement Only one of the divorcing couples must appear at the Mutual Consent divorce hearing. This new law allows you to live with your spouse while you negotiate the terms of the settlement agreement. As a result, you get to minimize the cost of settling your divorce and other expenses during the divorce process.

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